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What are bag hooks?

It's a stylish fashion accessory that hooks your bag to the table, enabling you to hang your bag right beside you, whilst adding a touch of glamour... More

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CarrieMe Classic Finder - Argent Silver NEW!
CarrieMe Classic Finder - Argent Silver  NEW!
Looking for the perfect gift for the discerning and discreet lady?

This NEW chic argent silver CarrieMe Classic Finder is elegant yet simple and will keep your keys or mobile safe but easy to locate at a moment's notice. No more stress from missed calls, lost keys or time spent rummaging around in large bags trying to find them.

How does it work?

You attach your keys (or mobile using a lanyard) to the fastener at the bottom of the CarrieMe Classic Finder, then slip it easily onto the outside of any bag, with the chic argent silver disc showing, like an elegant bag charm. Meanwhile your keys or mobile, secure at the end of the elongated arm, stay at the bottom of your bag.

Like other CarrieMe Classics, the CarrieMe Classic Finder has an aluminium face with a discreet shine and an irresistible tactile feel. Moreover, made from a single piece of chrome-plated metal, the design is both sleek and smooth.

Gift Idea: Silver is the birthstone colour for those born in April.

Why not pair it up with the argent silver CarrieMe Classic Baghook ? The CarrieMe Baghook allows you to hang your handbag right beside you from any flat surface, such as a table when out at a restaurant, bar or cafe, thus ensuring your handbag is kept secure, clean and undamaged. Click here to find out about all the fabulous colours available in the CarrieMe Classic Baghook collection. Or why not mix and match shapes with a CarrieMe Classic Heart Baghook ?

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Price: £19.95

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