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What are bag hooks?

It's a stylish fashion accessory that hooks your bag to the table, enabling you to hang your bag right beside you, whilst adding a touch of glamour... More

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Your privacy as an individual and as a customer is important to us.

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CarrieMe does use the information gained from site browsing to improve the way the site navigates and to expand its offer to customers. However, CarrieMe does not track your behaviour on any other sites or follow you once youâ??ve left

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CarrieMe uses your email address as a convenient way to contact you about your order or any reminder service you have. From time to time, we may update you on relevant site or private sale news, but only with your permission. We will not pass your details on to any other relevant third parties that we think you may be interested in if you have requested us not to do this.

Privacy is important to us at CarrieMe, we do not add your friend's email address that you refer to us in our marketing database, unless they register as a user.

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